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If your hot water heater is more than one decade old, it’s time to consider replacing it before disaster strikes! Call West Palm Plumbing Pros today and also allow us to do an inpection of your hot water heater!

The typical hot water heater lasts around 12 years.  Once it hits about 12 years old, you will want to consider replacing it. So before you experience a total hot water heater failure, call us and ask about our hot water heating system repair service and we can help you figure out exactly how you can obtain a new, high efficiency hot water heater without any interruption to your current solution. 

We also carry electric tankless water heaters.

We can install, fix and repair ALL hot water heater models in the West Palm Beach area

Prompt, Professional, and Affordable Prices on all of our hot water heater repair services.


Request a Water Heater Repair Service Call Today!

Contact us and we can give you an estimate over the phone for your repair or replacement of your hot water heater.

Your hot water heater is an indispensable appliance that everybody depends on, and also it’s important it continue to run successfully and also effectively for years. Some of one of the most typical hot water heater problems you may deal with are:

Thermostat malfunction
Wiring corrosion
Electrical failure
Rusting tank



Ask about our tankless water heaters!

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